Toronto, Canada | My Five Fave To Do’s

Dear Toronto, you’ve stolen my heart.

This trip was so last minute and super quick, that I really had no expectations other than what the room service was going to be like. Turns out, I would recommend Toronto to everybody on the planet. In five days, I got over my jetlag and conquered this little beauty.

Here’s five of my fave To Do’s-

1. Sleep at the Shangri-La

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Of course you need a telly in your mirror @ Shangri-La

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Potatoes, Tomatoes, Beans, Spinach and Asparagus @ Shangri-La

Now this place is a bit of a money pit, but my gosh it was nice and totally luxurious. The size of the marble bath tub made me almost never leave the room. The hotel is dishy and the breakfast was perfectly yummy – a bit of a carb overload if you’re vegan but holiday rules allow you to eat your daily calorie allowance for breakfast, don’t they?! Anyway where was I. Oh yeah, the place is a bit of a celebrity frenzy, bumping into Cara Delevinge and Jared Leto. Take a look for yourself here, go on I wont tell!

2. Take a trip to Kensington Market

Kensington Market

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Bloor Street

Bloor Street Making Me Happy

You wont be disappointed, I promise. Wonder through Downtown, around to Queens street and over to Bloor street , whilst enjoying the high-street shops, quirky coffee cafes and endless vintage boutiques BUT BE WARNED it is very easy to fall head over heels with this vibrant, bohemian neighbourhood.

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Burger, Wings and Mac & Cheese (or whats left of it) @ The Hogtown Vegan

For all my fellow renounced carnivores out there or for all my food lovers reading, I found a VEGAN comfort food joint that gives you meaty (shameless pun) options rather than one or two vegetarian options, The Hogtown Vegan. More vegan/vegetarian restaurants in this area are; Hibiscus Café, Urban Herbivore, Grasshopper Restaurant, Porter House and Grasslands to name a few.

3. AGO‘smazing for the soul

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Art Gallery of Ontario

Get some Art and Culture in you, by visiting the Art Gallery of Ontario. The building itself is impressive not to mention the exhibitions (there is an admission fee of $19.50 but free on the evenings 6.30-9pm). p.s the gift shop is great for fun souvenirs.

Here’s some more museum and galleries that were recommended but didn’t get to check  out for myself –

4. Cycle around The Islands

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Cycling around Centre Island

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The Island Cafe, Centre Island

There’s an island in Toronto, saaay whaaaat? No I didn’t know either – there are actually six Islands (more like one Island with six parts) but they all connect and you can walk the entire island in a few hours. This is the most perfectly, prettyful day out. If the sun is shinning and you fancy some down time then hop on the ferry over the lake to Centre Island – the ferry’s are so frequent and quick you really can’t go wrong. Hire bikes and take a picnic, or stop off for lunch at the Island Café, this place was so cute! OR there’s The Rectory Café (make sure you book as we couldn’t get in). Either way this hidden gem is definitely worth a visit.

5. Enjoy the views @ the CN tower

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View from the top of the CN Tower

If you’re afraid of heights I suggest you skip this one, if not, dinner in the CN tower with a 360 degree view is always fun. Speaking from experience, I would advise not to sip the wine too fast as if you nip to the loo chances are you will be walking around in circles trying to find your last position, oh did I forget to mention the floor rotates? This place is great for the views and to tick off the list, but it is a keen tourist spot. There is a bar, restaurant AND for the brave and fearless an edge walk – like I said – popular tourist point so book in advance.

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