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I came back to Manhattan for the second time after 5 years, and fell in love all over again (not difficult). After spending so much time in Los Angeles, my gosh it was refreshing to feel such a buzz from this electric city (please don’t take it personal LA, you will always be my first). This chaotic and dazzling place amazes me, there is just sooooo much going on all the time! You definitely need a wont stop, don’t stop attitude to get through the enormous to do list you subconsciously made after watching Gossip Girl. And it is worth every blister, although you might need a week in the Maldives to re-energise afterwards (obvs my bank account declined this option).

How to exhaust yourself in New York.

Day 1
Is it sunny? It’s July of course its sunny! How hot? 32c HOT! Central Park it is.

And there is no better way to do central park than on a bike, right?

Lunch – When vegan meets sushi its food porn. The best quick, on the go sushi was @ Beyond Sushi they have three locations, so it’s ideal!

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, great idea. Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge in Vans, bad idea. I would recommend staying in Williamsburg, Brooklyn – it’s cool and way cheaper, take a look on Airbnb.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Evening Entertainment – Most people of heard of Café Wha right? What most people don’t know about is that they do a Café Wha Cruise around the Hudson River. This nights is a bit of a blur (blame the free bar) as is the only photo I got.. So, there was no Bob Dylan puffing away in the corner but it’s the kinda place where you will get a huge variation of people wanting a good time AND you are on a huge yatch, what’s not to love? *Free bar is with the VIP package – definitely worth it!*

Day 2

Wakes up googling ‘can you die from a hangover?’… After downing 2 aspirin with coconut water, this day was mainly occupied with checking out Dumbo – Down under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.

Dinner time, always my favourite part of the day. Uptown Manhattan for the most romantic vegan Japanese in NY – Hangawi

I’ve not been to Japan (yet) but I’m pretty sure this place could of been plucked from the candle lit streets of Asia and placed right on 32nd Street. I’m a sucker for a cultural experience, so I was instantly sold when I had to take my shoes off on arrival and was seated to dine from the floor tables. Too add to the oh-so-zen atmosphere and people, was the incredible food (tasting menu is a must). I really couldn’t recommend this place enough.

Evening entertainmentSleep No More.

Put this one on the bucket list, go on, do it now!! I don’t want to ruin the surprise but in a nutshell, a crazy and mind blowing nutshell, it’s an interactive theatre performance. But it’s nothing like you have ever experienced. A few rules – you wear a mask, no speaking, no phones (which means no pictures boo!) but this does allow you to explore, discover and let your imagination run wild. I’d advise to get there early, the cocktail bar along with the Jazz band is a 1920’s dream. Or you can save this for after (I’d do both).

Day 3

Brunch at Bliss, which does my ultimate naughty but nice breakfast – “scrambled egg (tofu), mushrooms, beans and soy cheese on bagels” dribble dribble. Yummy and affordable.

Coney Island – now I’d say unless you are into eroding amusement parks, or you really wanna go then do it but I tagged along with the boys for this one and would of preferred to of accompanied me, myself and I around Saks.

Get lost in Little Italy and end up in China town (if you want your I heart NY tops, then this is you place).

I was also super excited that I got to catch a screening of a film my brother starred in, Shooting for Socrates. After missing the LA screening because of the traffic (typical), being in Toronto for the UK screening, I FINALLY got to catch it in NY @ Tribeca Film Festival, check out what’s on here.

Day 4

Oh Times Square you are so magnificently magical.

Grand Central you are a beauty. If only 1239847348374 hours spent on the trains in England could depart from a station like this.







Now, there are plenty of tourist spots to visit. Most of them I’d already done before so if you wanna visit them all (like everyone does) go for it. These two blow my mind and I love architecture so I re-visited them. Other popular attractions include;

Watch the world go round @ Sun in Bloom. If you like people watching then this spot is for you, sit on the breakfast bar at the open window on the sidewalk of Tribecca, nibbling the raw, gluten free snacks and refreshing on the super cleansing juices.

Something totally random, but SO much fun – let your inner nerd come out as you spend an hour solving clues to Escape The Room.

Broadway. Museums. Cultch-ah darling. When in New York this should be compulsory (at least once). I got my fix twice in one day.

1. The Museum of Sex ( I didn’t say what Museum it had to be)
2. Hand to God – this was insanely funny and brilliant. Little tip, for discounted tickets go to the box office on the morning of the show, tickets are around 30-40$ which is like 2/3 off (viewing might be slightly affected)

Day 5

Chelsea Market. This place is definitely worth a visit, great for shopping and SO much mouth watering food.

The High rise is also a great spot (next to Chelsea Market). Walk along and see Manhattan from a different perspective. Also check out there website here as they always have different and fun things going on.

Everyday is Friday in New York isn’t it?  It certainly feels that way. There is just so much choice, and right on your doorstep (wherever that is). Take a look at Timeout’s feature on 50 best bars in New York, you will find there is something for everyone. Here’s a few places I enjoyed;

Nights and Weekends

Day 6

DO NOT LET THE RAIN DEFEAT YOU!! New York summers tend to be a little schizophrenic from time to time, so always plan days according. Smorgasbord Market in the rain probably wasn’t brightest move, but I would definitely recommend it for the sunnier days (loved all the homemade jewellery).

And if it ends up being a thunderstorm that lasts all day, what does it matter when you’re at Madison Square Gardens watching Morrissey. Nada. Have a look at the calendar here, to see what’s coming up!

Morrissey made the entire venue animal cruelty free, what a man! Love my Tee.

Day 7

The last day.

Eat, drink, dance, laugh – on a Sunday?! Yep, do it here at this block party, and it’s good one at that. It’s on every Sunday through summer and it has got a cool vibe, cool music and cool people. And it’s on all day. So if that doesn’t exaust you for the plane home, I don’t know what will.

How cute is this little girl having a photo-shoot during the party!!!

For any more info or recommendations, please, please talk to me. Love xxxx

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