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As I anticipated, trying to fit a wedding and the rest of New York City into a small amount of time is always going to be a little ambitious. But with great time management skills- let me rephrase that- with a BF who has handy inside knowledge and is basically a walking map, I managed to cram as much as one could possibly fit in.

After spending a week in the city last year (see my post here) I thought it would be a good idea to create a weekend guide for all those visiting the city for a shorter time, whether it be for the 1st time or the 50th. So without further ado here’s a lots of places I visited and a few extra places I wanted to.

Where to stay?

When choosing where to stay, I recommend booking a hotel that’s in downtown New York, aka anywhere that’s not Midtown. Midtown is great to stay in if you’d like to be near all the main sightseeing spots (Top of the Rock, Times Square etc) however if you’re wanting to visit New York to experience “real” New York life, then downtown is the place for you.

AirBnB – If you truly want to feel like you’re living in the city for the weekend then definitely check out the option of renting someone’s apartment. Due to how expensive the rent is you’ll discover that a large proportion of New Yorkers put rooms up to rent on AirBnB to earn a little extra each month. A great way to feel at home in the city and can be cheaper.

Where to eat?

New York does breakfast/lunch/dinner/food damn well. There’s so many different places to choose from, you’ll actually be struggling to pick. Here’s a few (vegan friendly) places I suggest;

The Bagel Store, Williamsburg – If I was to say I was nearly as excited to go the bagel store as much as attending the wedding you might think I have a problem. So I won’t. But know that bagels are my thing. Colourful bagels are my everything. Believe the hype, the bagels here are insane. They even have vegan cream cheese!

Bluestone Lane Collective, West Village – This place is very Australian and serves up some great coffee. They also do a mean avocado on toast which you should definitely check out.

Jeffrey’s, West Village – If you’re looking for a spot for a boozy brunch then head here.

Candle 79, Upper East Side – A little vegan and vegetarian friendly cafe that serve a delicious selection of food.

Angelica Kitchen, East Village – This one is on my list as it’s meant to be a vegetarian and vegans dream. They produce wholesome and nourishing good food.

Beyond Sushi, (Three Locations) – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- this company is the best. I just can’t get enough of vegan sushi. It’s quick, tasty and so reasonable.  P.S please come to the UK.

ByChloe, Greenwich Village – Testament to the yummy-ness of this food is the fact that there was a queue around the block to get in (see photographic evidence). Apparently this is always the case, no matter what time of day or which day of the week.

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The Bagel Store

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Beyond Sushi.

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Beyond Sushi.

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Vegan Muffins @ ByChloe.

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ByChloe Queue.

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Photoshoot during the queue.

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Hi Yellow Cab.

Where to drink?

You’ll most likely see a bar on every street corner in New York. And since you’re in New York anywhere is acceptable. Even the dives are cool and bustling. If you are after something more specific where you can guarantee an electric atmosphere then try;

Employee’s Only – Apparently this place is always busy, even at 12am on a Sunday night. It only has the shape of a key on the outside of the building to mark where it is!

Please Don’t Tell (PDT) – You’ll find these guys through the back of a hot dog shop in the East Village, in true speakeasy style. If you want to feel transported back to the prohibition then definitely check them out.

The Standard Biergarten – This is a fun and easy place to come at the weekend with friends, family, boyfriend/girlfriend- who ever. It’s located under The Standard Hotel and is a great spot all round.

What to do?

Comedy Cellar – If you feel like spending the evening crying with laughter then you definitely need to check out the Comedy Cellar, located in Greenwich Village.

MOMA –  Visit the Museum of Contemporary Art to get your creative blood vessels pumping. Afterwards pop for a drink MOMA’s bar room next door – The Modern – where everyone seems to be talking in Picasso and Rothko.

Mini Golf – Hudson River – If you’re into mini golf then you can go and play on Pier 25 on the Hudson River, it’s a pretty cool spot and a little alternative activity!

Central Park – Central park is always worth visiting. But if running is your thing then I highly recommend running the entire perimeter. It’s roughly 10k and probably my favourite experience I’ve had in this city cue I think I’m getting old cue.

A Brooklyn Wedding – find a couple getting hitched and join the most contemporary wedding you will ever go too <3



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Mini Golf @ Hudson River

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Midtown window views.


Central Park.



Pretty wedding and pretty dresses

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