My First 10k Race!

If you hadn’t guessed by the title of this post, I’ve just completed my very first 10k run. And I’m over the moon about it. I really am. I might even go as far as I say I’m a “runner” now. I probably run about 3 times a week, does that make me one? Anyhoo I really never thought I’d get into running, and since I did, I thought I’d share my tips as they might encourage you too!

Get a running buddy

Thank the heavens that one of my best friends was training for the Marathon when I decided to start training as she encouraged me an unbelievable amount. Running with a friend, partner, colleague really helps motivate you. Working together means you won’t slack (as easy) and can inspire you to run faster, push further and train harder.

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Download some running apps

If you’re running partner isn’t a round then an app will be your best friend. I use Nike Run, as I like that all my friends are connected with me on it. I have quite the competitive streak so keeping track of who’s completed the most miles in the month is great way to make you keep getting out there. Also it’s a great way to track your progress and build up your speed and distance – there are tons of programs to tell you exactly what training to do to prepare you for particular race or goal.


Here’s my NikeRun app after completing The Race For Life 10k.


Invest in a good pair of trainers

A good paid of running trainers can be pricey, but it’s really worth investing in a suitable pair. I used to run in a pair of Nike gym trainers, little did I know how much damage I was doing. After visiting The Sweatshop, where they spend a good amount of time analysing how you run (through various tests on treadmills and other devices) they suggested a few suitable trainers that provide the appropriate support for me. They have lots in sale atm too.

Don’t be too hard on yourself

Doubting yourself is certainly not a good enough reason to not be involved in sports. I’ve always told myself I’m not a runner, I can’t run and when I do run I wonder if people are thinking I’m really slow, when in fact most people couldn’t care less that I am running, and if they do, chances are they wish they were running.

With that being said – don’t push yourself too hard either. Running can be such an enjoyable and spirit enhancing activity. It makes me feel so free. But if I’m exhausted or just really not feeling it then I won’t go. Simple. It’s never meant to be a punishment nor should you punish yourself for not going.

Book a race

Before I had signed up to Race For Life, I would occasionally (once a month) go on a jog for some extra cardio – and that was pushing it. As soon as I signed up, I committed to training around three times a week. At first this was tough but quite quickly this became part of my fitness regime and something I look forward to in my day. I really believe signing up gave the motivation to get out there whilst making me stick at it too.

If you’re after a push to get involved, here’s a list of runs coming up over England. Feel the fear and embrace it. Who knows where you might end up… Did someone say half marathon 😉

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