Soul Circus Yoga Festival

I’ve been so desperate to attend a yoga retreat/festival for so frigging long. I’m always banging on about it, but somehow, with work commitments and the old ‘I’m never free at the time’ chestnut – a yoga break has always miraculously failed to happen.

Anyway, last week my planets must have suddenly aligned because two very fortuitous things happened: firstly, I had an empty calendar and secondly, the very kind people at Magna said I could attend Soul Circus with them.

Soul Circus is a Yoga and Wellness festival in the gorgeous Cotswolds landscapes that takes place from the 19th to the 21st August. Choose a day or the entire weekend and expect to over indulge in some YOU time. There are three yoga tents (including a hot tent) with unique yoga classes taking place all day. There’s also live music and Dj’s throughout the day setting an uplifting atmosphere – and there’s a great selection of awesome nutritious food.

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Now – in all truthfulness – I really did have a blast. But I can’t pretend the none-stop rain didn’t dampen the spirits. As it literally did not stop raining. All day. This did encourage me to take cover in a yoga tent which meant I ended up doing 5 hours of yoga – straight – call me hardcore, because I was.

The first class was a 90 minute Power Rocket Yoga class. Which is a constant and fairly advanced flow, with a super charged soundtrack – not only pumping you up but connecting you with your internal organic vibrations otherwise known as your chakras. Rocket Yoga concentrates on energising the body and mind with a dynamic flow. I had Muarcus Vedar (power yoga guru) sit on my back whilst I was in the splits. He reassured us that it’s not about achieving the asanas but about feeling them – my hips certainly did.

This was followed by an two hour Hypnoyoga class. Hypnoyoga as a concept brings the benefits of Hypnotherapy into the Yoga practice.  I found this to be extremely relaxing and strangely empowering. The workshop involved a long flowing asana practice followed by a long relaxation and hypnosis which included mantra, meditation and mindfulness, visualisation techniques and self hypnosis techniques. We also got a crystal at the end, and if you’re like me – LOVES ANYTHING FREE – then it might make your day too.

The final class was Disco Yoga. I found this class my favourite – I’m a sucker for glitter and sparkles. It’s not every day you get to stretch it out under a disco ball on your mat on a dance floor. This energetic flow led by Kelly and Emily definitely set me up for a lively and lovely Saturday evening.

The amount of wonderful classes going on certainly did not go unnoticed. I felt inspired by all the new workshops I got introduced too. I’d go again at the drop of a hat. Maybe I’d check the weather forecast beforehand though. Soggy yoga pants aren’t the one.  Actually that would definitely be my only bit of advice, I’m all for embracing the weather but the weekend can be quite pricey and since a lot of the entertainment is outside, it made it hard to get the full experience. Keep your eyes peeled for the Soul Circus festival 2017  here –  and on the weather forecast 😉

Thank you again to the guys at Magna for inviting me along.

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