Hi! First yoga class of 2017!

Vinyasa Yoga led by me – 14th January 2017

10.00am – 11.00am

FREE @ Lululemon Athletica Manchester 

If you were following my travel blog before then hi again, for all the newbies- welcome. I’ve decided to change my blog and use this space to not only share my travel experiences but to keep you updated with my yoga journey too 😊  Since being back in England and having some stability in where I will be living over the next few months, I’ve been able to finally start teaching. And it’s been awesome ✨ I’ve had some amazing opportunities and met some incredible people – just a snippet of what the yoga community offers you 💘  One of my favvve yoga communities is the one that the guys at Lululemon have created. Not only do they have the most chic and flattering yoga pants known to man, the fact that they provide a free accessible yoga class in most major cities around THE WORLD is pretty amazing isn’t it? They also have different fitness events taking place each week – all you have to do is join the facebook page to hear about what’s going on near you💥  It’s fabulous. Which is why I’m super happy to be back in Manchester Lululemon showroom this Saturday 14th January.

So come join me for a morning of pure bliss. It’s my first class I’m teaching of 2017, which means we will be working through some extra juicy postures. Whilst focusing on appreciating where we are right now. A new year can sometimes mean we get too caught up in wanting things to be different when I think it’s really important to reflect and appreciate all we already have. Just giving ourselves a little bit of mental clarity so we can leave feeling rejuvenated and energized 🙋

Like I already said before, it’s a FREE class and the mats are provided. Vinyasa style yoga which is a little faster and will certainly get your blood flowing but beginners are still definitely welcome!

Sign up through their facebook page – hope to meet you soon!


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