A Post for Indecisive People..

Just me, looking indecisive

Let’s be clear; indecisiveness – is a thing! And it’s really becoming a thing in my life. I think this comes down to realizing that every decision comes with consequences and obviously, you want to make the best decision given the choices available. So guess what happens eventually? You pick neither. You become so afraid of picking wrong that you pick none.

Theodore Roosevelt once said, “In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.”

And we all know what comes from nothing – NOTHING. If we stay with indecision we never grow. For me growth is discomfort. Change is scary, yes. But growth never happens without change. Uncertainty is a part of life, and most of the time, being uncertain makes it exciting. Think about something that’s ‘happened’ to you in your life that’s been really exciting? Did you get uncomfortable before it? Fear IS uncomfortable but fear is usually right before the magic happens.

So use fear as fuel.

If you’ve been putting off a big decision and can’t work out what to do then here are some questions to ask yourself to help point you in the right direction..

What do you want?

Having a clear, precise objective helps you simplify what you are searching for. You might have one specific thing that has been going over your mind for years or loads of little thoughts that you’ve been thinking about for the past few months. Use this question as a solid starting point.

Pros and cons list

The good old pros and cons list. Make this list (be thorough – no matter how small a point may be) and if the negatives massively out way the positives then no need to go on.

How long have you been thinking about this?

The length of time is a good indicator of how important something is to you. The longer you’ve been thinking about it, the more important it tends to be.

How committed am I to this change?

Rate your level of commitment on a scale out of 10. Let that number sit.

Is this decision in line with my long term goals?

Recently I’ve been making decisions based on what compliments my lifelong goals. Some examples? Putting myself online (even this blog), choosing to book a yoga retreat holiday over a party holiday (I get serious FOMO), the unpredictable life of being self employed over a stable job are ALL times I’ve decided to pick something based on my future goals. Have I regretted any of the decisions so far? NO WAY!

What are the real risks?

*probably not that bad*

What is the risk of not doing it?

Have we spoke about procrastination, the sister to indecision? Inaction is action!

If not now, when?

Not everything has to happen right away. And things don’t just happen. You cultivate them. You water them. You grow them. But.. “if not now, when? If not you, then who?”

Will I have fun?

Deal breaker for me. “ICHI-GO, ICHI-E” which means just this one moment, this one lifetime. Life is short – make sure it’s a fun one 🙂



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  1. NicoleLS
    April 9, 2017 / 11:05 pm

    Well put and so true.

    I never really got how important a personal “vision” statement was (which I read as your objective).

    For me it seems to be lifting the anchor on self doubt and allowing me sail. It allows me to make decisions aligned with it.

    I look fwd to your post ☺

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