Barcelona Barcelona Barcelona <3

I love everything Barcelona is made of.

Lot’s of tapas and paella, exploring and wondering, fiestas and festivals, museums and sites and lots and lots of Sangriaaaa! It gets me every time. Probably because it just keeps on giving. Honestly, I feel so rich in culture and creativity whenever I leave – yep, cities like Barca can do that to you. Speaking of giving, I wanted to share my little trip with you, incase your planning a little break here.

W Breakfast.

The W

W Hotel.

My cousin (who lives here in the city) will go crazy for suggesting this – as she thinks staying at The W gives a fake rep of Barcelona. But I think everyone should stay here, I mean – who doesn’t want to wake up and feel like your floating on the sea? If not to stay, it’s definitely worth making a trip here for lunch or a cocktail.

Air B&B will always be a winner too – I imagine there to be an never ending list of gorgeous boutique homes and apartments.

Sagrada Família

Plaça de Catalunya

El Gótico

Walk, walk walk walk!

I would highly recommend walking everywhere. Firstly, because Barcelona is beautiful, secondly because of BREAD.

We spent one whole day walking EVERYWHERE.

Just to give you into a snippet of how I accumulated 15,000 steps on my FitBit – starting from Hospital de Sant Pau walking through Avinguda Gaudí to (the remarkable) Sagrada Família. Then passing Sant Joan to Arc de Triomf that brought us to Earth festival. Strolling through Parc de la Ciutadella, then over to El Born which led through to El Gótico (my favourite) then over to the Jewish Quarter, and then to the Catherdral, THEN carrying on to Plaça de Catalunya, and a little further to Passeig de Gràcia and finally settling to have dinner in Gràcia – and this was just one day guys! *note down some of these gorgeous landmarks and places – all so worth visiting

There is just so much to see and so many things you come across. Especially, especially in the Old Town. Everyone’s frolicking around the city popping their head out of windows or walking around with loaves of fresh bread, there was even an opera singer performing in the street. Bird’s are chirping, fountains are flowing, animals are smiling? You get it.

Flax and Grain

Teresa’s Juicery 

Brunch and Cake

Eat and drink and drink and eat.

If you hadn’t guessed, I’m a big foodie. There’s so many yummy places all over, the quality of food is generally pretty good. Not to encourage you to overconsume but let’s be real – you will be over consuming on food and drinks here. Walk around, take a break in a pleasant area, have a glass of wine, rinse and repeat (:

I’m also a sucker for any local hot spot – if you know, you know – for these yummy gimmicky spots try Flax and Grain, Brunch and Cake and to detox, Teresa’s Juciery.

Guinardo Bunkers

Guinardo Bunkers

Hill top views

Ok so two places I can completely recommend to get your 360 views.

Montserrat Benedictine

It’s really simple to make your way here – there are plenty of sites online that will tell you how so I won’t waste your time with all that.


Guinardo Bunkers

The Parc Guinardo Bunkers, located in Parc del Guinardo, at the top of the Rovira Hill, gives you the perfect view of Barcelona.

Fancy a challenge? It makes for an extremely tiring 5k hill run. Otherwise head up there before sunset, take a picnic. Enjoy.

Hasta Leugo Barcelona x

Hasta Leugo Barcelona x






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