Italy Recap, Baci x

I had the most amazing trip, it actually hurts my insides thinking of how cute it was. There just isn’t anywhere that does food, culture and hospitality like the Italians. I’m literally their biggest fan. And it seems everyone’s fan-girling over Italy at the moment. I mean, Capri must be the most tagged insta location of summer 2017, no? Okay so I didn’t go anywhere near the south, side note: I’ll do Naples another time preferably after I’ve found a million pound down the sofa.


If you’d prefer to be badass on a budget (well, a generous budget) then definitely head to the more remote areas — like, Arezzo in Tuscany, a hidden gem that makes your heart melt. Surrounded by intense greenery, mountains, & Italian-style homes.

To add to that, I had Daniellaan Ashtanga Yogi, with the dreamiest of dreamy yoga studios In Her House! Her class literally kicked-ass, imagine a typical Ashtanga primary series class but delivered in an Italian accent with the added intensity of the HEAT.

The Tuscan Dream (love struck eyes)

The dreamiest studio in Arezzo

Can you smell the flowers too?

When in Tuscany, you definitely need to visit Florence too.

I was only here for the evening – and spent most of the time wondering around The Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore (wouldn’t you?) it’s so crazy beautiful. Anyway, I very much plan on going to Florence again. Mainly to experience it more. Even if it’s just for a full day, preferably two, to see the Statue of David, the Boboli Gardens, the Piazza Del Duomo and especially for the heart – (yes HEART) – shaped pizza <3


The Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore


Straight from Florence, to Cinque Terre, which is one of the most romantic places on the planet! Stunning views, tiny restaurants & boutique hotels.






Can you blame me?


Manarola, Cinque Terre

If you do find yourself in the Tuscan region and longing for a beach day then a few hours away is Punta Ala. A place where the Italians go to holiday..

After spending alotta time in the City, it was SO nice to sit on a beach and do nothing. I swam to a little rock a few meters away from the land and just lay there listening to the ocean. Sun on my face, salt in my hair and the freshest water I have every felt. I don’t know if I’m accurately describing it, so here’s a visual:

Cala Violina

Punta Ala

Anyway, just wanted to showcase some pictures of the trip.

SO! That’s all.

If you’re toying around with the idea of going to Italy then let me know, happy to help.

Ciao x

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