Finding inspiration, finding your why.

Something’s been bothering me for a few weeks. So I decided to come here to vent about it (: promise this won’t be all doom and gloom though:). It’s just that recently I’ve been feeling like I’ve got a lot on my plate – which is ironic because most people think yoga teachers have all their shit together but let me tell you WE DON’T. What I do have, (what we all have) is the ability to tune in. To become aware of our feelings. To notice that these past few weeks of being embarrassingly disorganized, behind, with work, with friend/family stuff, means something isn’t right.

Just like everyone. We’re all busy. We all get overwhelmed. We can all lack inspiration.

BUT since a huuugge part of teaching yoga is to drive students to be energized, motivated and inspired, when I have these feelings it makes me feel like, well, a phony.

(Wait, stop, just to be clear; you should also know I LOVE LIFE- and no matter where I’m at, I always love life. I’ve been up, down, all around- but I love life and I love teaching).

Anyway, I know I’m no guru  b u t  I always remember what got me hooked on yoga in the first place. It wasn’t about the physical benefits or trying to achieve any certain postures or anything like that, it was the little nuggets of wisdom that my teachers gave to me. A quote, a mantra or even a beautifully detailed queue. I remember thinking that I want to give the same to my students, to make them feel what I felt and leave them feeling inspired, leave them feeling happy, leave them feeling good.


Have you watched Simon Sinek TedTalk; How great leaders inspire action?

You’ve probably watched it (it’s in the top ten Ted Talks), if you haven’t, do me favor and watch it now…………….


*18 minutes later*


Why are you doing what you’re doing?

It always comes back to that doesn’t it.

I teach yoga to help people FEEL GOOD.

You know, I have people roll their eyes at me when I tell them I did my teacher training in LA. I have people tell me yoga is just the current fad, that yoga teachers nowadays are ego driven and unauthentic. OKAY COOL. That might be the case, for some, but I don’t care about them. I care about why I’m doing what I’m doing. And when I come back to my why? To LIVE, presently, with passion, compassion and purpose in my practice, in my teaching and in my life.

I know I’m getting a little deep, but your why should always come back to your core. Your truth. Your purpose. Even with all of that busy stuff that we overwhelm ourselves with.

Why am I working out at 7am? Why am I spending time at this event? Why am I choosing to hang with these people? Why am I eating these foods? Why do I need this stuff? WHY WHY WHY?!

Living with a WHY, gives you purpose. Try it. If you’re feeling uninspired come back to it. Be honest with yourself, allowing those dark parts to be accepted too. I’ve got another post on accepting and letting go – going live soon. It’s can be daunting and scary, I know. But always come back to honoring your why, come back to your passion and purpose and allowing that why/truth/inspiration to flow through you and into the world.

With that, I’m going to plan through the rest of my week with my WHY at the core.


Claudia x



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