What Susie says about Sally, says more of Susie than of Sally

What Susie says about Sally, says more of Susie than of Sally


Something unsettling happened a few weeks ago & it’s been bothering me.

Something that I didn’t expect. but unfortunately happens all the time.

It happens online, at school, at work, and in the yoga world.


I won’t bore you with the details (it’s all rather cringeworthy) but in a nutshell another yoga teacher posted a photo aimed at me. You know the kind of photo’s I mean? Memes with sly digs. Ok, it wasn’t the worst thing anyone’s ever done to me but still it gave me that kind of gross feeling you get in your stomach when something makes you…uncomfortable.

Meanwhile this photo is on a yoga Instagram profile, a platform that’s supposedly there to inspire people? Help people find their power.

How on earth is that powerful?…Or constructive?

I felt embarrassed that this had happened. To me. A yoga teacher. Did I attract this? I almost didn’t write anything because I didn’t want you to make that judgement either. But then I realized you’re the perfect person to read this. As sharing this type of stuff, is exactly what this platform is for. You might see yourself in Susie or Sally or both.

Like I said, jealousy happens all the time.

In high schools, online, in the corporate world, everywhere.

The thing is, life isn’t a competition. Everyone can shine- like there’s room for everyone.

I really believe there’s space for ALL of us to do whatever we are meant to do. Don’t give jealousy any energy. NONE. ZIP. ZERO. I used to. And here’s what happened: NOTHING. NOTHING HAPPENED BY BEING JEALOUS. I can say I truly believe it holds us back from our full potential. Push jealousy aside, so you can put your energy towards FLOURISHING.

Here’s how to do it;

1 – Staying grounded with gratitude

It all begins and ends in your mind, what you give power to, has power over you. If you let it. If you’re constantly focusing on lack, and what you don’t have – then that’s exactly what you’ll get more of. Start a gratitude journal. And here’s the thing: it’s really really simple. Take a moment or two every day to think about things or people you’re grateful for. Appreciate life’s beauty. Embrace. Feel it. Be thankful. And I promise you, you will feel 100% more positive afterwards.


2 – Use it to fuel you

Instead of seeing someone else as competition. Let their ambition, inspire you. How about noticing their strengths? Let their strength be your goals. If you feel like there’s a huge gap between where you are (physically/ career wise/ materially) to where you wish you were, then GREAT! This means you’ve got to delve deep into those areas of your life that might need attention. Seem like hard work? GOOD. Knowing something is hard work should make you feel happy that others have got there and can enjoy it. Nothing worth having comes easy, and if it was, you probably wouldn’t want it as much.

3 – Support and Connect.

Cut the bad mouthing, the backstabbing, the pettiness. We’ve all done it- but how powerful is it to uplift people instead? Bashing people is SUCH a waste of energy. Why not use that energy to reach out and connect with those people who you are envious off? Tell them that they inspire you. Maybe they reach back out to you. And in turn give you more, support you more, inspire you more.


That crazy critic in our head can be our worst enemy. When you let go of those toxic thoughts, you can make space to search for LOVE. Yes, SELF LOVE. For the record, it’s taken me a LONG time to do. It’s not easy, but with practice, perseverance. and commitment it becomes SO WORTH IT. When you practice self-love, relationships, creativity, work, projects, all of it thrive. Remember this mantra, rinse and repeat – you have enough, you are enough.

I hope this post will inspire you to NEVER STOP doing your thing because of someone else’s opinion. Never let a soul in the world tell you can’t do or be exactly what you are. You keep focusing on you. Don’t let ANYONE’S negativity dictate your life & journey.

And remember what Susie says about Sally, says more of Susie than of Sally.

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