REAL SHIT – Cold sores

Well HELLO from by bed.

Let’s see, where to begin?

We are living in this Instagram façade. Where bloggers make life seem flawless. Actually, we all do. It would be rare that I’m going to show you the day where I spend 8 hours sorting through receipts or having a melt down due to #flatmateprobz or even not eating out of a sparkly bowl made up of organic tropical berries.

As a yoga teacher, people expect you to be so fit and healthy all the time.

If I were to sit here and say “I’m Miss Perfect who’s been healthy my whole life & never done anything wrong”, that would be pretty damn boring and a lie.

I’m here to say: I’ve been down & I’ve gotten up. I’ve been unhealthy & I became healthy. I still have ups and downs, like right now.

Hence, my bed situation. I’ve been in bed for the past three days. Cancelled all classes, Gossip Girl on repeat. I even went to the walk-in center, I think the last time I visited the walk-in center was in 2005 when I had a severe nosebleed. So YEAH, I’ve been a tad under the weather.

And when I’m feeling unwell, it’s like the entire universe conspires against and says HERE, HAVE EVERYTHING AT ONCE!!!!

So, here I am; throat infection, cold, earache, fatigue and the bane of my like COLDSORES (yes plural – because I have two on one lip £$%£$@).

I decided to go against the insta facade and spout about this on my story yesterday, and you know what? I was blown away by how many people shared their tips with me. Unfortunately most people have in fact experienced the herpes virus at some point in their life. So today’s post is dedicated to… Cold sores and how to prevent them;

1.) First and foremost: EATING HEALTHY AND DRINK WATER. Wellness & hydration is key.

2). Balms – Burts Bees and/or Kelyane. These two were highly recommended by all my cold sores sufferers out there.

3.) If you haven’t come across L-lysine for the herpes virus yet then put this in your online basket now. There isn’t any concrete evidence as to why but there were tons of recommendations online, which does it for me.

4.) Although it is tempting, do not pick at your lips. This causes soreness & irritations & can cause them to spread. Apply tea tree oil or lemon to the button head.

5.) There IS a difference between cracked lips and coldsores. However they both most likely mean you have dry lips. Which can be caused by extreme heat or cold (for me, both). A few of you guys told be to use Vaseline – this reaaaally doesn’t work for me. In fact Vaseline always makes my lips feel MORE chapped. Coconut oil will help with moisture.

6.) Don’t buy Zovriax. I would literally prefer to spray perfume on them than buy my 18th tube of Zovirax in hope that it works (I really think it’s useless and not to mention overpriced). Opt for option 1-5 instead.

So there you have it, COLDSORES 101.

Please, please, please let me know if you have any other tips. I will try and test EVERYTHING.

Ok, off to watch ep 7 series 3 xoxox GG with some lemon and chamomile tea. Gotta keep my stress down to avoid cold sores…

xx, Claudia

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