Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Vlog





ONE – we talk advanced teacher training

TWO – it’s my very first VLOG AHHHHH (!)

Vlogs capture REAL LIFE energy and emotions that sometimes we just don’t always don’t get from words. Which is why I’m going to focus on sharing more videos with you this year. With that that being said, there’s a ton of things I’ve touched on that need a little more attention to detail.

SO let’s get to the breakdown, shall we?


The course was based at Vikasa Yoga Retreat in Koh Samui – and it’s by far one of the best places I’ve visited for three reasons;

1. The Yoga – There are yoga classes 365 days of the year. Public, private, retreats, trainings – they’ve got it ALL. The standard was really good too (FYI my YTT wasn’t led by teachers from Vikasa, I would attended Vikasa’s classes on my days off from the course).

2. The Views – The landscape and the surroundings are just unreeeeal. I feel like my bones were connected to this place. There’s a magnetic energy that pulls you in and makes you want to NEVER leave (hence why I extended my stay).

3. The Food – I can hands down say that Vikasa has the best “hotel buffet” spread that I’ve ever tasted. Labeled “buffet”, but if you’ve been, we both know it’s so much more. Fresh, delicious and vegan friendly.


Also the rooms were super simple and minimum which was fine – I mean, we barely spent any time in them. My first week was spent in the “Yoga cave” (cheapest room) where I had to use a communal bathroom (LOL for my weak bladder during the night). If I were staying for the long haul then a bathroom would have been beneficial but for two weeks – the room was perfectly pleasant.

All the staff were beyond helpful too – Sun: you rocked it (thank you making me my special tea every day).


Ok, so the full course consisted of;

– 100 hours Rocket Yoga w/ Jamie (£2150 including tuition, food – breakfast & dinner buffet, accommodation) 10 days
– 100 hours Yin w/ Jamie (£2150 including tuition, food – breakfast & dinner buffet , accommodation) 10 days
– 50 hours Tripsicorie w/ Nicki Durant (£1075 including tuition, food breakfast & dinner buffet, accommodation) 5 days
– 50 hours Yogic Arts w/ Duncan Wong (£1075 including tuition, food – breakfast & dinner buffet , accommodation) 5 days

I actually only opted for the last two modules. WHY YOU SAY? To keep it short, I had a select amount of time (& dollar) at a selected time of the year. I knew I wanted to immerse myself in a course but also didn’t want to be overloaded. The Yoga People came exxxxtemely recommended. I’ve read blogs, spoke to past students and spent hours scrolling through the Yoga alliance feedback page. I had a good feeling, so I went with it.


Both of the schedules for the two modules were the same and were pretty strict. You cannot be late nor can you sit out (otherwise this will reflect your hours on your certificate – unless you make the time up)

7.15am – 8am Mediation
8am – 10am Yoga Practice
10am – 11.30am Breakfast (buffet included)
11.30am – 2.30pm Yoga Practice
2.30pm – 4.30pm Lunch (no lunch included)
4.30pm – 7.30pm Yoga Practice
7.30pm – 9.30pm Dinner (buffet included)


Tripsicore is kinda like Yoga combined with dance. You know I come from a dance background, right? ;;LOVE STRUCK EYES;; Moving freely grants me the freedom of expression and emotion, and to me, it’s like an active mediation. So really, this module was made for me. And then I met the teacher; Nikki Durant. I mean, WHAT. AN. INSPIRATION. GODDESS. BADASS. SUPERWOMAN.

Here are a few reasons I’m so into Nikki as a teacher::

– She was SO true to herself. No bullshit. 100% authentic.
– Everything she said and did had purpose. No time wasting or conversation filling. Just specific and super effective.
– Her passion and energy inspired every single one of us. Even students that really weren’t into this module were moved by her passion.
– She left us with two quotes “your problems are uniquely designed for you, no one else” and “live 90% action, 10% theory formula, because most things worth knowing about in life are learned through the action of living”

*mic drop*


Yoga + Martial Arts = Yogic Arts. Not my thang or at least not my module. I’m sure you got this from the vlog, yeh? Such a shame. Duncan Wong – lot’s of knowledge, no structure. I LOVE that he isn’t conventional and is completely and utterly unique as a person, but as a teacher? I just couldn’t follow.

I get it, we all learn in different ways. We all look for different things in teachers. However, if someone would have told me beforehand that there would be no plan, no lectures or no official test then I probably wouldn’t have chosen the course. But hey, maybe that sounds right up your street – it was for some of the others, just not for me.

There were of course lots and lots of positive aspects like experiencing a deeeeep assist in birds of paradise pose (one of those “it changed my practice” kinda moments) as well meeting Duncan’s assistant Rebecca Hannah, whom I highly recommend if you are interested in learning this technique properly, as she’s extremely talented, knowledgeable and disciplined 😉

Other FEEDBACK (from my group):

“One of my teachers told me when I qualified that I should remember that as a teacher you’re not always going to be everyone’s cup of tea. And it shows that this is so true even at this level”

“Our group was full of intelligent and very considered individuals with a lot to offer. I learned so much from the group. I learned very little otherwise. Shame. (I was only there for yin)”

“I took so much away from the course and the people were fantastic”

“Yogic arts was awesome, so much fun and really interesting to mix the martial arts aspects in – Duncan is a great teacher with so much knowledge – I’d definately do another of his courses”

“Think it’s always good to remember that no course is going to make everyone totally happy. There’s always something missing for everyone as we all want different things from the course”

“Yin was one of the best modules for me. I think some felt the course materials were not enough and the graphics weren’t always ideal but I think the info given/ practice was good”

“I only did Rocket, I found it physically challenging but also amazing – mentally breaking at times, some things were possibly taken too far… but overall it gave me a lot to think about”

“The one day I prayed for it to be good was before meeting Duncan- for me it was a really great 5 days with lots of great wisdom.. and also really awkward inappropriate moments”

“Everything is for a reason and we all had to be there together, for the good and for the bad. But is interesting to point that there is no good or bad and that you are the one who decides what is good, and what is bad. I think we all had to learn something there, and we all did. And that is the beauty of it… What today seems bad luck, tomorrow is a treasure, so simply let it go and direct love into it. Nourish love all around.”


I’m still digesting and circulating everything I experienced. My main intention for the trip was to gain more knowledge. Yet I’m back feeling completely re-inspired in Yoga, in blogging & in life. Despite not gaining “theory elements” like I was expecting, I did grow as a person and my physical practice definitely got stronger.

I also realized, that after such a full on year, I really needed a minute to step outside. And even though the program was intense at times, the trip did just the trick. I’m really feeling, I don’t know, re-motivated (is that a word? )! I have a really clear vision of the next steps for me, so 2018…it’s time to execute. It’s amazing how stepping away from things can bring so much perspective. So honestly, maybe that’s what I needed to gain all along…

So there you have it Yoginis. I’d love to know if you’ve been on advanced Yoga teacher training and what you thought? ALSO tell me what you think of my first vlog?!

Can’t wait to hear from you.



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