Fluid Flow Workshop @ Lululemon MCR

“Moving freely grants me the freedom of expression and emotion, and to me, it’s like an active mediation”

Join me for an energetic and creative 90-minute workshop. Expect to bust out of traditional movements and journey through a spiralling, expressive and artistic practice aligned with Ujjayi breath.

For those who want the challenge of taking their practice off the mat as we find your grace and fluidity, with a hope to bring that fluidity from the studio and into our lives.

This is a mixed level class, however due to the fast pace of the flow, it is advised that you have attended at least six months of beginners vinyasa flow classes.

THIS IS A FREE WORKSHOP WITH LULULEMON. Let me know you’re coming by dropping me a message @Mirallegro – or click attending here.

First come, first mat – doors will open at 5:50pm and the first 20 people will get a space.

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