HotYoganic Yoga Retreat Recap


Zoe is one of the most badass babes I know. Her practice is insane, she’s beautiful inside and out, co-owns HotYoganic (Womens Health top 25 studio in the UK) & hosts amazing retreats.

As you can imagine, I was over the FULLEST, BEAMIEST, SPARKLIEST MOON when she reached out to me to be a guest teacher on her spring retreat. Yes, I’m aware we’re now in Summer (WHOOPS) but in the spirit of true procrastination here’s the break down;


There were 2 classes a day, morning and evening. Usually the 8am x 90 minutes sessions were a little more rigorous with fast paced flows, back bending and inversion workshops and my very own; Fluid Flow class. Whilst the 5pm x 90-minute classes consisted of working through nourishing, meaningful and super slow practices. I led a Yin Class for the very first time, and love, loved L O V E D it – SLOW is way more SPICY (but we all knew that anyway!).

After we has digested dinner, we experienced the power of meditation and gong bath healing. The singing bowls were an unexpected treat as a guest brought them along. If you guys haven’t experienced a gong bath, add it to the top of your to do list. You won’t regret it. It is the purest sense of M A G I C that I’ve ever experienced.

In between sessions, was our time to BE. Time to rest and relax or explore and seek adventure. Yoga retreats give YOU permission to seek what YOU are in need of. As a group, we spent a lot of time lounging round the pool and really getting to know one another. It involved a lot of laughing, listening, supporting & connecting.


Okay, I’m going to be honest – when I found out I had to meet and greet everyone at the airport (solo) – I was nervous. That probably comes as shock to a lot of you. But truthfully, I’d describe myself as a confident introvert. Like, suuuuure I’m happy to teach a room of 40 people advanced Yoga postures but ask me to greet and entertain a bunch of adults in an airport and I’m ready to recede into my shy-like tendencies.

Anyway, my insecurities completely vanished after meeting everyone and realising they were the same as me. Note; that’s what you can always expect on retreats – like-minded people. The ones that who want to better themselves. People who want to support one another. Those who want to find peace and joy in their life, so they can thrive.

You know,  when you can just feel that you’re doing the right thing at the right time with the right people. When everything aligns perfectly.That was this group on this retreat.


Location  & Food 

We stayed in the countryside north of Majorca, in a humongous traditional Spanish villa that was perched at the top of a mountain with the most scenic views. There was a rawness here. A realness. A refreshing environment that nourished our souls. Along with Alex and Callum’s vegan dishes to nourish our bodies. Hand on heart, it’s the best I’ve physically ever felt. If only I had a live-in chef with me at all times *manifest* manifest* manifest*


Our intention was to create space in our bodies & in our minds. To allow everyone the time to feel safe, calm and ease. To disconnect so we can reconnect. To nature, to each other and to ourselves. I feel like we completely fulfilled the intention and so much more. The bonds that were made, the breakthroughs that were had, the honesty, the playfulness, the vulnerability.

Retreats are just SO special. I believe in them SO much. They heal you from the inside out and propel you into the direction that you want your life to be going. It’s personally made me check in and realize that this is just the beginning of an incredible journey, there is still so much to learn, a lot to shred, and even more to gain. Thank you for joining me along the way.

Until next time light beams.

OH – and if you’re interested in coming on a future retreat, drop me a message below and I’ll pop you on the mailing list. MORE COMING VERY SOON.

Lot’sa love,

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