Bali, you’ve stolen my heart.


Like, love, love.

If you live there, I’m jealous.

I’m sure you can see why after watching the video- I’m getting really into this YouTube situation (when I remember to film). It’s the best way to show you EXACTLY what it’s like. There’s something just right about you being able to SEE everything as I do.

But as always, I like to fill you in with all the other deets in print too.

Ubud, Bali.

We stayed in Ubud for 7 days. Because there’s just SO MUCH GOODNESS in one spot.

Most tourists split their time between Ubud (the place to heal) Seminyak (the place to party) and Gili Islands (the place to SEA). Originally we had an idea of spending a few days at the beach, but Bali had other plans for us aka Thunderstorms. On that note; make sure you buy a rain coat – it will most likely rain at least once whilst you’re in Bali. But no rain, no flowers, right? & Ubud is FOR SURE the most vibrant flower you’ve ever seen!

Samsara Hotel

This place was everything we wanted and so much more. I highly, highly recommend a vacation here. It’s a reset. Thirty minutes outside of Ubud, so for us a scooter was necessary (note; they do provide a free shuttle to and from Samsara, 4xday). It’s just the perfect place to spend some quality down-time in nature, off the grid a little. I’d actually throw it out there as say it’s one of my most favorite places I’ve EVER stayed. Super luxurious and high spec, with the loveliest personnel. Seriously, the staff made this place SO special. Everyone made us feel like family. Especially Sutra and Virra – LOVE YOU GUYS!


Zest, Sage & Moksha OH MY! These places are pure delights and purely vegan.

I’d actually put Ubud and LA’s vegan restaurants in the same bracket. They were that good. Not only food, but a m b i e n c e too. Dim lights, stone walls, sexy back ground music, all with the BEST views.

Hujan Locale & La Pacha Mama were also hot picks that had great vegan selections too (but not solely plant-based).

Also, I made buddies with a foodie grammer from Aus. She knew her stuff. She recommended; Locavore, Birdnest at Kupa Kupa Barong, Copper Kitchen, Terracotta, Five Elements, Kabu, Hujan Locale, Cascades at the Viceroy, Dining Corner at the Kayumanis, Spice and Café Des ArtistesI expect them all to be pretty fancy, update me if try any!

Top Favourites

NungNung Waterfall

THIS. WATERFALL. IS. UNREAL. For obvious reasons.

The plush scenery. The fresh, pure water. The special energy – stand as close as you can get to the waterfall and you will know exactly what I mean.

LIFE IS FOR LIVING would be my caption for this entire place because it just makes you feel free and present and ALIVE.

We also visited Tegenungan, (waaaay to touristy) and Timbuna (the water had turned brown because of the thunderstorm LOL) but they really couldn’t compare to Nung.

The Yoga Barn, Ubud

I feel like you’re a Yogi too. In which case, you need to go here. It’s a Yogi’s dream. This place reminded me of Vikasa Yoga in Thailand– which as you know, I loved!

The teachers were from a variety of continents = wide variety knowledge! I particularly enjoyed Paul’s Yin/Yang class, he went deep into myofascial elasticity. I could get used to daily sessions here, plus daily juices, double plus daily vegan brownies – TRY THEM!

Price per sessions are around £8. Make sure you use mosquito repellent.

Holy Spring Water Temple

Definitely visit Tirta Empul. It’s such a sacred place. From the mesmerizing temples, to the rules (hair tied-back and sarongs must be worn), to the traditions, to all the Balinese that travel from afar, to the vibes. The whole place is holy.

If, like me, you want to cleanse your mind and soul, then take part in the fountain ritual. You don’t have to be religious, just have an open mind, be respectful and give your blessing (I repeated Matras under each fountain). You know, having locals and tourists alike worshiping something greater, felt like we were rising together. Raising our frequencies. Our vibrations. It was MAGICAL.

Rice Fields

When we first saw a deserted rice field, we jumped off the scooter and ran through the rice paddies. I mean, how often are you surrounded by such beauty. I basically re-enacted the scenes from Eat, Pray, Love – breeze in my hair, feet in the soil, SO much laughter (no divorce though).

The incredible thing is, rice fields are everywhere. & you just could never get tired of those views. I think that’s why I felt so at ease here. It’s like you’re in a constant meditative state, appreciating every present moment – AAHH THE DREAM- cuts to RN; staring out the window, listening to Oprah’s podcast, drinking coffee, biting nails, writing, planning, organizing, working, sobbing, joking- TAKE ME BACK!

Volcano Hike

If it wasn’t torrential raining, then we would have definitely opted for the 3am Volcano Hike (I’m still dreaming of this sun rise).

Instead, we opted for healing over hiking.

You know me, I’m eager to invest in spirituality. And because of that eagerness, I was influenced into booking a trip that involved visiting a healer. I thought that by paying $80 per person, would definitely mean that it was going to be worth it. Thumbs down. It wasn’t. For me, it was another typical touristy thing to do. AND I HATE BEING A TOURIST. Like, I don’t even want to see any other tourists. That’s why I highly recommend getting off the beaten track and discovering your own things – trust me, there’s plenty.


Bali covers every spectrum! Incredible nature, awesome beaches, amazing food, great pools parties, and the most relaxing places to read and rest!

But above all of that are the beautiful, beautiful people.

Everyone we encountered in Bali was so accommodating & helpful. They were always happy to help in any way possible & went out of their way to make sure our experience was flawless. Give them your time and invest in conversations and they will give you nothing but kindness and love.

People are just happy. Genuinely happy and it’s so refreshing to see. Hindu’s are big on Karma (don’t you wish everyone was?!). Everything is a transference of energy. And because of that – it’s make Bali a super spiritual place.

I’ve got so much to take away from their culture. I wish everyone could experience the beauty of it. Giving without receiving, even if it’s as simple as a smile, it causes a butterfly affect and thus adds value to ALL.

I feel SO lucky, that I got to spend my 26th year on this planet doing the things I love; MAKING MAGICAL MEMORIES. Life is so much about experience, & let me tell you – Bali was an experience!

Ok so question for you guys: where is the most BEAUTIFUL, peaceful place you’ve ever traveled? Have you been to Bali? I would LOVE to know your favourites.

Until next time, Claudia x


  1. Tori
    September 2, 2018 / 5:44 pm

    Omg thank you for posting all this info! Going to come in handy for planning out Bali honeymoon!
    Xo T

    • Claudia Mirallegro
      September 2, 2018 / 9:49 pm


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