Shine bright with Lumene ☆

SO I really really, want to share my new skin scare routine.


Becaaaaause it features Lumene. A Finnish beauty brand that I’ve only just been introduced too & now I can’t stop raving about them.

Lumene, celebrate natural beauty. Pure beauty. Less makeup, more skincare = more fresh looking skin. More shine. More healthy looking glow. YES PLZ. We should all love the skin we’re in. Want to nourish, nurture & NEVER want to pump anything that isn’t natural into it – but that’s a different post for another day.

Are you ready to get on board with Lumeme?


My must-haves coming at ya;

1. Purity Dew Drops Hydrating Eye Gel

I’m all about smizing, you know – smiling with your eyes 😊 It’s how I try to communicate. But since most days I’m up at 5.45am (SERIOU$LY), it hard to not lead with a dark-circle-eye-glare instead. Before using this gel I had the idea that to get the best under eye moisture to reduce puffiness you’d need a super thick coverage. However, this formula is lightweight, and gives my under-eye area exactly what it needs to keep those sleepy eyes at bay. YAY!

2. Arctic Dew Quenching Aqua Serum

Tightens ✓ Firms ✓ Plumps ✓ LEAVES YOUR SKIN BOUNCY AND DEWY ✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓

Yep, this serum ticks a lot of boxes. I really like it. It feels a little sticky when you first apply it, but I’m guessing that’s the Nordic Birch Sap (OBVS!). Whatever it is, keep it in team L. It’s doing wonders for my complexion ALSO it really helps set the Invisible illumination Serum. These two are a match made in Heaven < Norway.

3. Day Moisturizer SPF15 Broad Spectrum

During the summer months I like everything to be lighter. Especially what goes on my skin. I want it to feel natural. Fresh. Airy. That’s what this SPF15 moisturizer does. It provides sufficient moisture, protects and allows the skin to recharge organically.

4. Invisible illumination Serum

You should know: this is the only thing I’ve been using as coverage. It has a very slight base, that really just smoooooths everything over and allows your own complexion to shine through. I LOVE IT.

5. Glow Refresh Hydrating Mist

This toner will refresh your skin anytime you need a little hydration or pick-me-up. Formulated with Nordic cloudberry extract and Vitamin C that instantly adds dewiness back to your skin. YUM YUM YUM.

6. Hydration Recharge Overnight Cream

Sleeping is one of the most healing things you can do for your body. It’s imperative that whilst your body is recharging, that your skin should be recuperating too. In which case, this over night dream cream is for you. It blends active cloudberry seed extract and vitamin C to make your skin shine brighter ☆

All of these products are vegan and reasonably priced. Which makes me happy. If you can’t tell, everything about this brand just makes me SO happy. Which is fitting as Finland is the happiest country in THE ENTIRE WORLD.

What skincare makes you happy? Are you on board with Finland’s best selling skin care brand? What are your must-haves?

Hoping your day is filled with lots and lots of happiness AKA Lumene.

Love you,

C x

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