Let’s talk one of my favorite topics: SUSTAINABILTY!

More specifically – sustainable clothing. Even more specifically: sustainable swimwear.

There’s so many of you who know my thoughts on fast fashion. I have thoughts- many thoughts.

But let’s back up a min though.

My college days were filled with aimless purchases. Picture me; every Saturday wondering through my local Arndale centre, unconsciously spending on store credit cards (which I racked up a hefty amount of debt from), buying outfits to wear once and then bin. WITH NO GUILT WHAT SO EVER.

I never questioned where my clothes were being made. Or what the conditions were like for the workers. Or what the brands ethics were. OR what was their impact on the world was like…

I was just happy as a clam that I had a new outfit for the weekend.

Cue to today…I’m now a much pickier clam when it comes to shopping.

Here’s the thing, I’m not going to support poor working conditions, unnecessary levels of consumption and devastating environmental impacts for the sake of staying ‘on trend’.

We have to be asking ourselves; how can we be socially (and fiscally) responsible consumers?

Which is why, when I heard about Davy J, I KNEW IN MY GUT that it was the PERFECT brand to collaborate with.


I can recommend Davy J with every fibre of my being. I’m completely geeking out about them.

They use ECONYL® yarn – which is an innovative recycled nylon fibre that is 100% regenerated from waste sources! ONE HUDRED PERCENT. That’s right guys! Fishing nets, carpet fluff and textile offcuts are producing swimsuits. I LOVE THAT, don’t you? Because if you didn’t know, there’s around 640,000 tons of fishing nets that are left in the oceans every year. And for every ton of waste nets collected there is enough nylon regenerated to create more than 10,000 swimsuits. Luckily, we have Davy J dedicated to fighting this issue. Regenerating marine waste into beautiful swimwear. Quite literally turning threat into thread.

These threads are classic and sophisticated too. They allow you to feel supported, confident and empowered. I’m very much on the same page as Helen Newcombe, the lady behind the conscious brand, in that if you want the longevity of an item of clothing it has to be kept simple. Lead with quality and comfort, that also elevate you. Which as you can see, is exactly how I felt wearing them.

Davy J have it all figured out too: they ask that when your cossie eventually reaches the end of its life, to return it, so they can rescue the resources AGAIN. Which is just a never ending loop or recycled awesomeness.

I want everything Davy J.

I want all brands to be as sustainable as Davy J.

If you wanna ride vibrational waves consciously and ocean waves literally, then invest in these suits. You can have a look at their waste collection here.

Next up: I’m attempting a plastic free week…thoughts?

Happy Sunday! Chat soon, Claudia x

+ all photos taken by the super talented Madeleine Penfold. 

++ this post is in collaboration with Davy J & Positive Luxury. As always all opinions are my own.




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