Barcelona Yoga Teacher Training Lowdown

Oh summer, you were a hustle wasn’t you!

I’m dreaming of the warm sun in Barca, the super sensual yoga sessions and the fresh vegan food on tap! So let’s catch up on my teacher training shall we?



Andre RamA Journey into Self Realization

As you know, this training kinda fell on to my lap.

Side note – I thought I was there to study Dharma Yoga. Turns out, it was the complete opposite. Lonnnng ass slow sessions with meditation and going inward as the main focus. As I always say, the experience you have was the one you needed.

A normal day would look something like this;

  • 9am – 10am YOGA NIDRA
  • 10am-11am MEDITATION
  • 11am – 12.30pm HATHA YOGA (moderate level)
  • 12.30pm – 1pm SHAVASANA
  • 1pm – 3pm BREAK
  • 3pm – 7pm SATSANG

First and foremost, I have so much respect for Andre. He is the real deal. A completely pure person with sooooo much philosophy pouring out of him. I wanted to be inside his mind and seeing the world through his eyes, seriously.

He’s clearly built a solid following. I mean, there were like 50 people signed up for this training and most of them have already been to at least one of his other trainings/retreats before. I completely felt dazzled by his presence and honored that I got to practice under his guidance.

Ok gush over.

From a training point of view – it’s very much about training YOU. Training you to practice what you preach. To put your money where you mouth is and teach your truth. Which is great, if you’re new to teaching, but for me – my life is all go-go-go, so really I’m there to pick up tips and tricks, reset and then come back to go-go-go!

You are going to get something from this training if you have an open mind, enjoy working through slow and steady practices and are on a spiritual journey. Not that I wouldn’t recommend this training but to be completely honest, I think I would have got the same out of a retreat with Andre. I loved practicing –  I’m a DOER – it’s how I learn. But to sit, for 4 hours, and attempt to absorb ALL that is said during Satsang, is testing. When I heard he taught retreats, I thought ‘YES!!!!’ practicing and relaxing. I would 100000% go on a retreat with him, infact maybe I will!

You can see if any take your fancy here.


Queen B is very near and dear to my heart. I honestly could live here. If I did, these are the places that I would be at, as experienced during my 2 week stay!

Eat & Drink

+ Brunch and Cake
Brunch and Cake| @brunchandcake

If you go to Barca and you don’t go Brunch and Cake you’re making a big mistake. I always get the vegan sandwich – which is SO big and scrumptious and even has a syringe for the avocado – I have no idea why, but none the less, I still LOVED squirting my avocado out from a needle.

+ Flax & Kale
Flax & Kale | @flaxandkale

I love it here. It’s got a good vibe. There avocado and fake bacon bagel is so good. Plus try their vegan milkshakes. P.S go on an empty stomach.

+ Green & Berry
Green & Berry | @brunchandcake

You can’t go wrong with their fresh juices or an almond milk cappuccino (unsweetened + add cinnamon). They also make a really good courgette & hummus salad; perfect lunch break.

+ Boca Grande
Boca Grande | @bocagrande

Everything in this place is on point, from the lights to décor to the food. The drinks are good, & the energy is fab. It’s basically a restaurant with a club upstairs and a DJ in the toilet.


+ The W
The W | @w_barcelona

If you have (a lot of) spare cash then PLZ stay here, for me. The views are unreal and the rooms are next level.

+Hotel NH
Hotel NH | @nhhotels

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Barca, I liked Hotel NH. It’s hip, chic and has rooftop pool – ideal for in summer! It’s high end but not too expeny/ snobby! It’s fab for a weekend treat!

As you can probably tell, I’m getting quite picky with my teaching trainings. The thing is, I know what I like. I like to escape the norm, practice (tres intense) and then allow the theory to be approached in a way that is accessible to then teach. Do you feel me? I’d love to hear from you and any trainings you’ve LOVED + why, of course everyone’s why is different.

Also have any gems to add to the Barca list? Let me know – I’ll be back there next year fo sho and always on the hunt for new places.

x, Claudia

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