You know, I can’t remember the last time I felt this happy. Nothing has changed drastically in my life, apart from taking the time each day to be more mindful.

Mindfulness is practising presence. Without wishing things were different. I like to see it as, taking the time to do the things that uplift you.  Taking the time to raise your vibration. Taking the time to be fully aware. Awareness is key. If you practice anything with more awareness you are on the way to living a more mindful life.

#108daysofmindfulness is a super simple way to make you check in and add MORE awareness, compassion, kindness and treatment into your days which I believe –  with every spec of my being – will lead to living a happier and healthier life. I’m sharing these tips EVERYDAY over on my IG stories.

Remember mindfulness is a skill. A life enhancing skill. Imagine if you practised that skill for 108 days – OH THE JOY! As well as being mind & body enriched for over 3 months, the number 108 aligns with many mindful practices around the world. In Hinduism and Buddhism, there are 108 beads on a mala. In Ayurveda there are 108 marma points (similar to acupuncture points). In yoga philosophy 108 shows up in many ancient texts. And the individual numbers 1-0-8 represent the individual completeness and infinity respectfully.

& here’s the thing: mindfulness is really very simple. It can be as easy as fully listening to the person who is speaking to you. Or really noticing the smell and taste of your food. But sometimes with the busyness of LIFE; we forget. Here is your reminder: take the time, to be more kind to your mind! How? Some favourites are: 


I love LOVE L O V E this idea by Elizabeth Gilbert. All you have to do is write a note each day/week of the good things that you experienced. At the end of you the year you can visually see how much you’ve achieved and how much happiness felt during the process. It’s a really, really cute way of practicing gratitude. Taking the time to be thankful shifts your perspective. As Robert Brault said “enjoy the little things, for one day you will look back and realize they were the big things”.


Seriously, what’s better than nature? It does so much for us. Whether that means going for a nice walk at your local park, swimming in the ocean, going for a hike, or even camping, it’s so important to get out of the house! Being outdoors nurtures out “nature neurons” which boosts your mood and lower stress levels. So go on, get your ecotherapy on.


Yoga is the mindfulness juice! For me, yoga has been life-changing, mentally. It’s allowed me to make peace with myself, to grow, to connect. I really believe it allows us all to function at a higher level. To tap back into our presence by holding power poses. And to come back to the very moment we’re in by focusing on our breath. When you are in the present moment, past/present/future cannot bother you.


You are what you eat. That statement is quiet literal. Your food is the key instrument to building a healthy body. HEALTHY BODY = HEALTHY MIND. When you begin to treat your body with love and nourishment, everything else begins to flourish too. Because you are building your body with strong materials. Food is fuel and nutrient rich food is medicine for your body. foods to add to the menu are mushrooms, turmeric, cruciferous vegetables, chia seeds, garlic, blueberries, seaweed, and more.


In a world ruled by social media, that thrives off approval and followers and likes, it is easy to get caught up and forget your worth and your value. The constant overload of everyone’s best bits can push you into comparison mode. That’s why if I notice myself aimlessly scrolling, I check myself before I wreck myself.  I step back. Take a break. Disconnecting is liberating. It’s freeing. I’ll read. Rest. I recharge. And I instantly feel re-inspired which makes a difference in my performance overall.

Ultimately you are in control, if you do start to feel your cortisol levels rising then it’s time to step back. Recognise your thoughts and recharge yourself with the above. Need more? Then head over to my IG highlights.

Your turn: do you have a tools that radiate good vibes? What are your top happy tips?

Have the most meaningful week!

Love Claudia xo

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