Becoming a Yoga Teacher

This post has been a long time coming.

When I first entered this world of wellness, there wasn’t much direction in the industry.

The goal was to share what I had learnt. Because for me, yoga has been the game-changer that helped me articulate and actualize my own.

Yoga gave me a voice.

A tool to access my own voice.

A way to turn doubt into confidence.

Fear into fuel.

Potential into a career.

Now, I create yoga classes, retreats & online content where people can find happiness. Where they can unlock their full potential and go for their dreams.

It serves my soul.

But it hasn’t been all sunshine & rainbows. The reality is there have been A LOT of uncertainties, doubts and failures. That’s why I want to share with you the lessons that I’ve learn along the way and the values that have provided me foundations to grow. To evolve. & to flourish in this wellness world.


Call me relaxed but I’ve never been in rush to get to where I know I’m going to be.

Side note: I spent eight years in the acting industry. Eight paid jobs. To cut you the maths homework that’s one job per year. Imagine waiting ONE WHOLE YEAR for your next gig. But note that – anything worth having doesn’t come easy. You persist. Your patient. You progress. You trust that what’s meant for you won’t pass you by.

You could say that practising patience has been instilled in me.

So much so, that it took me an entire year of teaching a FREE class once a week before I started putting myself out there.

Now I’m not saying that everyone should take this approach, but for me, I wanted to be confident.

I felt like my 200HR TT scratched the surface, the real training happens when you’re in class with 30 people staring at you. Mixed abilities and energies. An emotional break down. A music malfunction, a mind blank, a forgotten cue, injuries, passed wind, leggings split; THE LIST GOES ON.

Eventually you start to grow through what you go through.

You trust your knowledge.

You know that you’ve got to give is unique.

You believe in you!

Once I developed self-belief, I started to teach ALL the time. I’d pick up classes here, there and everywhere. I started to build relationships. My clientele grew. My online community grew.

Now I have around 13 permanent weekly classes, 3 weekly private clients and my own signature YS class which is fully booked every week. I run retreats and film yoga youtube videos. I’ve worked on some INCREDIBLE campaigns and new opportunities are constantly presenting themselves.

But let me tell you; nothing happens overnight.


I chip away everyday, slow & steady, carefully, with strong focus. So no, there’s never this HUGE jump. No epiphany. None of that.

& that’s how I believe something bigger than yourself happens— it’s like an hourglass. Slow. Steady. One piece of sand at a time.


Most teachers give the gift of yoga because it provides something meaningful. Something that gives purpose. And when your following your purpose, money will come- naturally.

In reality, it’s taken along time for that money to come. Like I just said, I taught for free for lonnnng time. Too long. I was nervous to ask for money. Scared even?

The yoga world can be a funny place. Because of its nature A LOT of people expect you to give your time and energy for free. I had this a lot at the start.

In fact I even had it a few weeks ago. A multi billion-pound global YOGA company asked me to teach for free. Even though students were paying to attend my class. This was my reaction:

No but seriously. I’m all for karma yoga. But if a company is profiting from you and not paying you then they’re also exploiting you.

You have to know your worth.

Don’t undervalue the time you spend designing a class. Creating a perfectly suited playlist. Sprinkling your positive energy before and after sessions. The thousands you’ve forked out on training’s. The clothes. The marketing. You get my drift.


THIS IS SOMETHING I feel a lot of us are working on!

To stay in our own lane.

In a world ruled by social media, that thrives off approval and followers and likes, it is easy to get caught up and forget your worth and your value. The constant overload of everyone’s best bits can push you into comparison mode.

Who cares if Jane has launched an app and on her third book deal? And who cares if Billy just landed a magazine cover? What about Janet’s new ambassadorship?

Wait. Hold up- who cares? How does this affect our lives? It doesn’t. Drop the judgement.

If we work on building each other up, rather than comparing and judging one another, we all become stronger together.

Remember life isn’t competition, nor is it a race. Someone else’s success does not dim your light.

Stay focused on YOU & keep shining bright.


Something that I see happen quite frequently is yoga teachers fizzling out.

Because ultimately, living as a yoga teacher takes work. Day after day. Like, the seven-days-a-week-bust-my-ass-kinda work. There’s been no short-cuts. I’ve worked weekends/birthdays/from 6am – 8pm, ten million times.

But hey, that’s all part of the journey. And it’s truthfully worth every second.

A lot of people aren’t up for the nitty-gritty hustle or at least they don’t realise that the wellness world requires constant reinvestment in ourselves.

Now I don’t know about you, but I ♡ SELF DEVELOPMENT. It’s my biggest turn on. After all, we are all a work in progress, right?

If you’re up for it and you’re ready to put the work in, then I have the perfect thing for you… LET’S BE FOUND.

This is 3 week transformative experience in Bali, that will take you from good to great to unstoppable.

Some LBF takeaways:

♡ Building you a website. Helping you with branding. Tips and tricks to help your flourish in BIZZ!

♡ Understanding your WHY. Your purpose, Your USP.

♡ Learn to integrate the highest quality in wellness methods into your day to day so you’ll never have to compromise work for your wellbeing.

♡ Practising small habits everyday that lead to a much bigger picture.

♡ Nurturing the right habits, not the wrong ones.

♡ Envisioning what you want your life to look like in the future and executing that.

I’m a firm, firm believer in if you want something, make it happen…& to make it happen, take the leap.

What chu waiting for?

I hope this post will help you to gain some clarity.

Don’t be in a rush. Know your worth. Stay in your own lane. Go towards your goal.

Do you.

Would love to hear from you: what have been your key principles? Do you have any?

Until next time, Claudia xo

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