three sleep hacks you need to know!


Who doesn’t love sleep?

Basically, it’s the elixir of life. The more you sleep, the longer you live. The better the sleep, the less you stress. Lowering your cortisol levels, which cultivates calmness. Calm minds build inner strength, inner strength MIRRORS your outer foundation. If you wanna be energized, healthy and happy through the day then you need to be going for that good qual, deep sleep at night!

I’ve just finished listening Joe Rogan podcast with Neuroscientist and sleep expert- Matthew Walker on the importance of sleep. If you haven’t listened to this, I would highly recommend! Now I’ve become a tad obsessed with making sure I get my full eight hours – at the least! Being the natural human guinea pig that I am, I decided to do my own little experiment & according to my ‘tiring’ research, I found myself having a richer sleep after three optimal tricks, so I needed to share them with YOU, naturally.

Number One – YOUR PILLOWS!

Good quality pillows is a real LIFE HACK! The thing is you spend one third of your life asleep. If you live for say 75 years, that’s 25 years ASLEEP. Now if you’re going to spend 9,125 days with your head inverted on a pillow, then you better make sure your investing in that pillow!

Recently, I’ve been introduced to ActivSleep by Sealy Bedding, a range that believes healthy living starts with a healthy sleep. Their range of bedding’s combine the very best fillings with state of the art Sealy technology to ensure people wake up feeling refreshed and ready for action. AH-MAZING!

They seriously make all the difference. The reflex memory foam pillow is my favourite because you feel like your head is resting on a cloud of support and comfort… heaven! And if you didn’t know it’s super important that the neck gets the TLC it needs. But don’t just take my word for it, Marc Sanders of the British Chiropractic Association advises: “I often see patients who find that the way they are sleeping is contributing to their back or neck pain, and often it’s their pillows which are to blame. For example, if your neck is bent excessively sideways or backwards during sleep, in an ‘end of range’ position, it is believed this is one of the many factors that can increase biomechanical stresses on our neck leading to stiffness and pain upon waking. So it’s really important that you find the right pillow for you.”

The reflex pillows can help with this as the cluster fibres are encased with the same ventilated memory foam shell, responding to the contours of your head and neck to give you the support you need.  Bouncier yet supportive AND temperature-maintaining pillow!

Remember sleep is one of the most healing things you can do for your body, and since using ActivSleep pillows every night for the last two months, I’m healed!  I’m telling you there’s something about them – they really are gold. I’ve shared a bit on Instagram stories but I wanted to really do an in-depth post on this stuff.

♡ Number Two  – STAY ORGANISED!

I realised I needed to focus on the night before to have a smooth, effective day ahead and thus put my mind at eaaaase from all of that clutter and chaos, to make my sleep more peaceful.

So I like to strategically lay everything out the night before. For instance, my clothes are laid out right where they should be. All food is prepped in a little corner in the fridge. Bag is packed. SO I CAN FLY OUT THE DOOR and not feel overwhelmed or busy in the morning. FAIL TO PLAN, PLAN TO FAIL.

I also set my room temp- studies show your your brain needs to drop its temperature 2-3 °F in order to sleep (so keep your room as cold as you can tolerate). PLUS I’ll plan when I go to bed and when I wake up, regularity is most important –so try to stick at the same time every day.

Organisation is key guys!


Here’s the thing: it can be trés difficult to unwind…especially when you have a phone in your face for half your life. I’ve started using the screen time function, so I have down time from 9pm – 9am, it’s a game changer.  So for the last hour of the day, try to stay away from any screens. In fact, turn off most of the lights in your house at night 2-3 hours before bed. & the instead of flicking aimlessly, meditate. Normally when I get into bed it can feel like there are 500 million file folders open in my mind, by the end of the mediation I feel like they’ve all been organised and colour coordinated. I find that meditation relieves my anxiety and stress, increases productivity, stimulates imagination, and brings me an overall sense of wellbeing.

I HOPE THAT HELPS! It doesn’t take a neuroscientist to know that sleeping well at night means performing well during the day. So I hope these 3 tricks ensure you get the very best nights sleep so you can go out there and smash your dreams awake!

What do you find helps you sleep? Keep me updated on if you use the pillows – would love to hear about your results.

G2G, it’s nearly 9pm which is my official time to unwind.

Good night,

Claudia x

+ this post is in collaboration with Sealy Bedding. As always all opinions are my own.

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