Paris is always a good idea

Paris is always a good idea.


Who doesn’t love croissants, bread, red wine, museums, sites, culture & city life?

If you actually don’t – go take a look at somewhere more off the beaten track, like here.

All in favour, LAISSE!

I’m going to keep this short and simple to give you the optimal experience with a little wasted time as possible.

Hotel Etoile Saint-Honoré was booked through Voyaga Prive, not going to lie it was pretty dated and the vibe was rater boring. The good news is that the hotel being basic was the only thing that didn’t exude our expectations.

I’m not sure about you but we never spend too much time in the hotel during a city break so the Feng Sui really doesn’t matter. What does matter is the location. And this place is perfectly situated between two metros and close to the Arc de Triomphe.

*You should also know that my Parisian friend suggested to use AirBnB and stay in Le Marais, which looked dreamy but was waaay over budget for me.

The BF & I did a lot of walking. We would basically get lost on the streets of Paris. Find a spot to sip coffee then get lost some more!

Favourite place to go astray? Luxembourg park.

Favourite place to get consumed? Louve! I mean, you could spend all weekend just visiting this museum alone. We spent most of out time in the Italian section (;

Whilst we’re here; Pompidou Centre is another beautiful museum.


For a romantic dinner, head to Au Passage. We loved this place and they were super accommodating to make me vegan specials. Get a bottle of red and enjoy the oozy Parisian energy.

If you want an upscale dinner that’s a little more trendy go to Pink Mamma. After dinner you must try their Italian speakeasy bar downstairs; No Entry. Open the obnoxious silver door labelled “NO ENTRY” – walk through a meat locker (eurgh) – and arrive in the cutest cocktail bar; ISSAVIBE! For some more fun head to La Canlelaria. Taco restaurant externally, hot spot internally – thank me later!

Also Le Clown and Le Verre Vole are great for dinner too. Try Little Red Door if you need somewhere to go after!

In the day, for vegan Sunday bunch go to Alcazar – it gets very busy so make sure you call ahead for a reservation. Another slightly cheaper option for breakfast with vegan options is Café Pinson.

ANYWAY, ON TO OTHER UPDATES: if you’re feeling yoga whilst you’re in Paris then you neeeed to go to Clotilde’s badass TIHHY class. It’s safe to say that I’ve literally been fan-girling her for over 18 months now and her class lived up to every expectation and so much more.

Of course, the Eiffel Tower is a given but really just go explore, listen to harps, hunt down vegan crêpes (+ share the deets with me), browse some shops, get some inspiration, people watch – definitely people watch. And bask in buzz of Parie.



Do you have any hot spots to wine & dine? What about favourite places to wander?

Keep me in the loop as I’ll most definitely be back soon.

Au revoir! – Claudia xo

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