I just want to bottle Goa up: the energy, the chickpea curry, the ocean.  IT’S SPECIAL!

This trip was special.

It was more than special.

It was needed.

In-fact I really didn’t realise HOW needed it was until getting back into my normal routine here in Manchester. Now I’m back, I feel totally reset & re-inspired.

India does that to you.

There’s a simplicity there. An organic way of living. Living with less but having so much more. I could have stayed in India forever; basking in yoga, sunshine & lentils. But I didn’t and since you weren’t there with me, I’ve decided to share a BTS peek of my trip. It’s a flavour of what I experienced over the past 2 weeks. Grab a coconut water & enjoy!



As you can tell from the video, the course was exhausting. I mean look at me; I’M EXHAUSTED. But thriving. From passion, purpose and perspiration (HA!).

I am so passionate about moving in a way that is expressive and creative and Mandala Vinyasa is a tool to unlock that within you. But when purposely linked to each element it’s so much more than that.

Our teacher, Dulce explains the course as a way to “connect between each Element and its corresponding Chakra. The intention is to bring healing to our first four energy centers, which represents the surrendering of the ego identity to a being of trust”.

Let me fill you guys in Dulce for a sweet second here too.

A lot of people had spoken very highly of Dulce – NO BUT LIKE, A LOT. And despite training previously with The Yoga People, we had never crossed paths.

But BOY OH BOY, did she exceed every expectation (& more!).

One of my favourite things about her: she has the ability to make everyone in the room feel special. She teaches from a feminine energy but with so much fire. HER CLASSES ARE MAGIC.

During the methodology sessions, she would often speak about her own insecurities and was completely honest.

It was an epiphany.

Seeing her be so open & vulnerable was refreshing. I had this realization that if I wanted some of my patterns to change, I “needed to be the change I wished to see.” Many things shifted for me from then and I have Dulce to thank for it.


The Shamanic part of this course was completely unique.

So let’s just lay it out, right here for you.

Carlos and Maria our teachers taught us to “awaken our energy with gratitude and joy in community by chanting powerful medicine songs as well as mantras in a unique way”. Also teaching us “Aztec dance honouring the elements and different power animals by forming a circle and beating with the sound of the drum”.

So here is the bottom line: music and dance is the underlying essence in all spiritual traditions and cultures around the world. Sound is the primal vibration of the universe by which we reunite and harmonize.

And that we did. We chanted. We cried. We came together. We even did all that in a sweat lodge. Despite my main mission being Mandala, I soon had embodied the Shamanic way of living.

The teachers were real. Their light, lit something in all of us.

It turns out that I really needed this trip. The world has a way of weighing us down. Even as a yoga teacher or rather; when you’re running a yoga business. I want you to know that it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. But giving myself this time away has allowed me to work through thought patterns that I had on repeat. My advice wouldn’t be to escape your reality but do what you need to, to make your reality the best!

On the note of advice, I would advise everyone on the planet that loves movement, (plant) medicine & meditation to go for this training. It’s been my best to date.

Love & sunshine.

OOH and don’t forget to let me know your thoughts!

xo Claudia

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