Can you?

The whole trip was such a dream. I mean, I got to spend 7 days with 7 other incredible women in the most insaaaane place. IT’S WHAT VISION BOARDS ARE MADE OF!!!

Luxury villa (TICK) fresh firing food (TICK) sweet sunshine (TICK) heavenly poolside (TICK) long lasting friendships (TICK).


Lovely women brought together to do what they love.

Seriously, it was the best and it was powered by the best babes behind Evveervital.

Let’s go off on a tangent about them, shall we?

Their approach is to lead with what the care about; producing leisurewear with innovative materials that are ethically sourced AND responsibly manufactured, WITHOUT sacrificing style, quality and performance WHILST making ladies of all shapes and sizes feel empowered.

(have you ever known are brand more suited to me?!)

Because for me, sustainability is at the forefront of everything I do. Every decision we make has an impact.

Let that sit.

Small decisions can have huge consequences. Like, ditching plastic straws: UK BAN. Using reusable bags: 50% reduction in plastic bag marine litter. Shopping eco-friendly: major fast fashion retailers jumping on the *ethical train.

*Side note – lots of companies are now stating they are conscious but please be conscious. I’m all for companies switching to using innovative yarns and recycled materials, but if they are still not paying their workers a living wage & producing/selling clothes at a ridic rate, then they are still part of the problem.

That’s why Evveervital are doing it differently. They’ve built this brand on their ethics.

Let’s dive deeper on that. They use ECONYL® yarn for some products – which is an innovative recycled nylon fibre that is 100% regenerated from waste sources! ONE HUNDRED PERCENT. That’s right guys! Fishing nets, carpet fluff and textile offcuts are producing yoga pants. Other items are seamless; minimising fabric wastage! And most sets are designed with BR4 Fabrics which are knit with 100% Bio-based polyamide. This means they are environmentally sourced from castor bean with no impact on animal/human food chain, I repeat: NO IMPACT). Not only that, Katrin – the beautiful business woman behind the brand – visits the factories (which you should know are European based to minimise carbon footprint) regularly, getting to know the people making the clothes. I LOVE THAT, don’t you?

Anyway, back to MEXICO!

IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. I know its super cliché but when you love what you do, you never have to work a day of your life. It’s true, guys.

And with that, here’s a snippet of all the fun we had.

Thank you SO much for this experience Evveervital. Forever grateful.

Keep chasin your dreams darlings, Claudia xo

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