M A N D A L A  M A N C H E S T E R

04 – 02 – 20 | 7pm – 9pm | Federation House 

Four teachers join together to guide 70 yogis through a transformational practice all in the effort to raise money for Erenjang project.

We are super excited to announce the teachers for this special evening will be Eirian Collinge (Cariad Yoga), Samuel Nwokeka, Sophie-Rae Martyn and myself.

This two-hour event will be a magical evening, the four teachers will guide you through a energising but grounding mandala vinyasa using yin yoga to balance energetic channels and the body.

We will move through all four elements of Air, Earth, Fire and Water opening up all channels of the body and the mind, ending with yin yoga accompanied a sound bath. The yoga will be open to everyone of all levels and experience.

This will be a transformational evening all for one cause. the Erenjang project, a not-for-profit set up by Madeline
Penfold a well-known Manchester based photographer who is making footsteps in Gambia by helping these beautiful children.


The Erenjang Project exists to support the children of Erenjang Nursery School located in The Gambia, West Africa throughout their earliest and most important years of life.

With a focus on education and health, we work with local partners toward the common goal of improving the learning environment, teacher training, pupil education fees and a feeding program.

Founded in 2017, the nursery has so far been completely renovated, teachers have received qualifications and over half the children are supported through a sponsorship program, enabling them to receive an education they would otherwise not have access to. With most funds raised within the community of Manchester, we will continue to support Erenjang to help build a brighter future.

70 yogis, 4 teachers, 4 elements, 1 cause

With love, Claudia xo


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