I love everything Barcelona is made of. Lot’s of tapas and paella, exploring and wondering, fiestas and festivals, museums and sites and lots and lots of Sangriaaaa! It gets me every time. Probably because it just keeps… View Full Post View Post

I just returned from a wonderful week in Girona, a place that had previously escaped my attentions despite having taken my hols in various part of Spain for the last twenty years. It came about… View Full Post View Post

I’ve just arrived in Hanover, north of Germany. So I’ve got two days in a foreign country, in an exceptionally comfortable hotel, with a ton load of me time? What a boon. I know what I’ll… View Full Post View Post

I’ve been doing a bit of globetrotting over the past month. Actually, it’s more like Europe-trotting, or if we’re getting really specific, Italy and Germany-trotting. So I’ve been in San Remo, Italy for the past… View Full Post View Post